Library Research


Information Literacy: 
The ability to know when there is a need for information, to be able to identify, locate, evaluate, and effectively use that information for the issue or problem at hand.
1. Pre-search: 
          *Define the need for information 
          *Relate the current problem to prior knowledge 
          *Organize to search 
2. Search: 
           *Identify potential resources 
           * Identify most useful resources 
           *Search for relevant information in resources 
3. Interpret: 
            *Refine and organize information 
            *Analyze information retrieved 
4. Apply: 
            * Use information for the intended purpose 
5. Evaluate 


Great video from a college in Australia

A+ Writing and Research Skills for High School Students-- from the Internet Public Library


Google Advanced Search

Rutger's RIOT
         Samples of library research assignments

         Sample criteria for evaluating sources


The Research Process in a Digital World


Which of these would be better to use for a
research paper on CLONING?



Hoax sites


Golden Gate Tunnel


Martin Luther King, Jr.

Databases, online

Online Databases-- at Soquel High School

Online Databases-- at the Santa Cruz Public Library

Soquel High School's Library Catalog 

Wikipedia--Soquel High School 


This is what the world looks like - with and without fact-checking

Bibliography Sites
MLA Style 

Key differences in MLA 8th Edition
Citation Machine
KnightCite -- from Calvin College 
Noodle Tools Quick Cite -- from NoodleTools, Inc.
Soquel High School's Citation Guide
Using Modern Language Association (MLA) Format -- From Purdue Univ.



Is it a useful site?


Learn the truth about 'Martin Luther' King:





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