Medicine and Health  


General Websites 
Health on the Net -- A leading source of Web-based medical information, includes access to several widely-used medical search engines 

Health Information 
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention 
HealthLinks -- This is an online health information directory and guide.
Medscape -- Health news and information 
MEDLINEplus -- From the NLM, consumer-oriented service providing answers to health questions 
MedicineNet -- Information on diseases, procedures, and pharmaceuticals 
Merck and The Merck Manuals -- An extensive searchable medical reference work online.
National Health Information Center -- Health information referral service 
National Institutes of Health-- Health information and much more 
Surgeon General Reports -- Full text PDF copies, covering 1964-2001
TeensHealth -- searchable database
Women's Health Resource Center -- From the Mayo Clinic .

Medical Reference Works 
Gray's Anatomy -- Text of the 1918 edition, from 
Medical Dictionary -- Merriam Webster Medical Dictionary 
RxList: The Internet Drug Index -- Provides in-depth drug information