Teachers A--J


Ms. Asamoto

Using MLA Format in Google Drive

Mrs.Asamoto and Mrs.Johnson-Westlie English 1 and 4

Library Research

Free IQ Test 
How much am I worth? Human For Sale Calculator. 
Graphic Organizers:
Holt Interactive Graphic Organizers 
Graphic Organizers 
Graphic Organizers 
Employment application 
Local School Addresses 
California Career Zone 
Letter of Introduction 
Cover letter 1 
Cover letter 2
Cover letter 3


Ms. Beach
Cells Alive 
Population Reference Bureau Homepage 
The 2014 World Population Data Sheet
Charles Darwin Game
Sex and the Single Guppy 
Organic Gardening
Global Footprint Network


Mr. Bruner

Post High School Survey
WWII Research Paper


College and Career

California Career Zone 

Using the Online Catalog and the Dewey Decimal System to Find a Book


Mr. Dahlen
Power Point
Welcome to Holt McDougal Online! 
Local School Addresses 
Handy Spanish Hotkeys 
Noticias Mexicanas


Ms. Dawson
Website Evaluation -- Using the internet for research
CSUMB Library 
Persuasive Issues 
Research on Controversial Topics 
College Research


Ms. Ferejohn

AP Gov (B5 and B6)

US History (1st, A3, A4)

The 1920s

Landmark Supreme Cour Case Group Project--12/13

Landmark Supreme Court Case Group Project 

Historic Supreme Court Decisions - by Topic -- from Legal Information Institute, Cornell Law School 

Search Bill Text from Multiple Congresses 

The Pew Research Center 

Project Vote Smart

Interest Groups and Politics Webquest


Opposing Viewpoints

Policy Issues/Hot Topics

Official Voter Information Guide

Careers and Colleges

World Religions


Mr. Gasparotti

Library Databases

Quotations --
Bartlett's Familiar Quotations, 10th (1919) ed. -- From Bartleby.com
Quotable Women -- "An archive of memorable quotes by women"  

Definitely Real Quotes

Brainy Quotes

Countries and Corporations 
Vehicles of WWII    
Grain Harvesting                                                        
Historic Supreme Court Decisions - by Topic 
Our President and Cabinet
Inventions of the Industrial Revolution


Ms Hilderbrand

ROP Survey


Ms. Jiminez

Food in Spanish speaking countries

Creating a pamphlet/brochure in Google Drive
Issues in Latin America 
Major Holidays and Celebrations of Spanish     Speaking Countries 
Spanish-speaking Artists 
Spanish Conquistadors 
Native Tribes
Mexico Project--page needs updating






Teachers K--Z


Mr. Kline

California Career Zone 


Mr. Kropholler
The Renaissance in England 


Mr. Levy

The Occupation of Alcatraz: 50 years later

A trove of unpublished Chronicle photos reveals the first days of the landmark protest



The Columbus Day Controversy 


Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin  


Political Parties 


Harlem RenaissanceImperialism 

Library Orientation for World Civilization

Library Research 



Women in World War II

JAPANESE AMERICAN INTERNMENT--Your freedom has disappeared with the stroke of a presidential pen. Forced into an internment camp, you are now a prisoner in your own country. What will happen to your home? Your belongings? Your friends? From The California State Library


Mr. Marshak 

Google Earth for Chrome boxes/books--you will need to use a personal email account to sign up (not your stu account)  Sign up for free account

You will receive an email from the Frame site. In that email click on activate your account. Fill in the needed information. Google earth is the first link on the next page.


Ms. Ohlson-Perez
Endangered Species
Rosetta Stone


Mr. Rovick

Portfolio Six Week Write-up

Portfolio weekly entry questions

Online CPR Site--The online portion takes 2 hours and can be split into segments. Once you complete it you print the certificate of completion and bring it to me for a 30 minute skills assessment.

ROP Survey


Student Application: 2017 Cabrillo College Solar Energy Academy

Career Safe

Employment application 

Application examples one and two
Resume Examples
Local School Addresses 
California Career Zone 
Letter of Introduction --Mr. Rovick example

Letter of Introduction
Cover letter 1 
Cover letter 2
Cover letter 3


Ms Scolaro

Virtual Lab--How does competition affect population growth?Library Research


Ms. Stevens

Youtube videos


Mr. Valladolid 

Post High School Survey

Self-quiz with Vocabulary Practice--chap. 6.2
Women in Combat 
U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics
Researching current events 
OPEC Countries 
World War II 
Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin   
Compulsory Service
Should voting be mandatory?  
The Rise of Totalitarianism (1919–1939)
World Relief Organizations
Political Parties
British Imperialism 
Map of Germany

JAPANESE AMERICANINTERNMENT--Your freedom has disappeared with the stroke of a presidential pen. Forced into an internment camp, you are now a prisoner in your own country. What will happen to your home? Your belongings? Your friends? From The California State Library


Mr. Walters

Survey Page


Ms. Rudolph

Library 10

Using LIbraries for Ms. Wiles AVID Students

Symbolism in the Ramayana 
World Mythology 
Soquel English 
Career Unit 
Southern Poverty Law Center
Hate Map -- from the Southern Poverty Law Center
What does green mean? 
Catcher in the Rye 
Holocaust Research


Ms. Yurman




MLA Format

American Literary Movements - Characteristics of the Periods

Books to order from Amazon for Honors English 2

Using MLA to Create You Works Cited

Works Cited to Correct

Jobs and Careers

Learning Materials and Resources

Nazi Propaganda: 1933-1945

The First Amendment


Library Research

Mythology----- www.greek-gods.info

Perspectives in American Literature

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