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Open up to eBooks. Our innovative platform features: More than 1,700 full-text references from Gale and third-party publishers in the areas of: Biography, Encyclopedia of World Biography , 2nd ed., 23v, 2004, History, American Decades , 10v, 2001,Dictionary of American History , 3rd ed., 10v, 2003, World War II Reference Library , 5v, 2000, Medicine, Drugs, Alcohol, and Tobacco: Learning about Addictive Behavior , 3v, 2003, Nation and World, Countries and Their Cultures , 4v, 2001, Junior Worldmark Encyclopedia of the Nations , 4th ed., 10v, 2004, Religion, Encyclopedia of Religion , 2nd ed., 15v, 2005, Science

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Combination Sites 
The rise of totalitarianism--from the Fresno Unified School District

Famous Dictators

List of Top 10 Most Brutal Dictators in Modern History

The CIA's Secret Psychological Profiles of Dictators and World Leaders Are Amazing

The Dictators

The types of government



Adolf Hitler's Rise to Power --from Dickinson State University
Adolf Hitler Speech of April 12, 1921 -- from the History Department of Hanover College
President Roosevelt to the Chancellor of Germany (Hitler) [Telegram], 24 August 1939 --from Mount Holyoke University

Modern History Sourcebook: Benito Mussolini: What is Fascism, 1932 -- from Fordham University
Mussolini and the Origins of the Second World War, 1933-1940-entire book, from Google Books

The Rise of Josef Stalin --from the History Department at the University of San Diego
Modern History Sourcebook: Stalin's Purges, 1935 -- from Fordham University
Joseph V. Stalin. On the Industrialization of Russia -- from Seton Hall University 
Stalin, Joseph (1879-1953) -- from Virginia Tech
Stalin --from Minnesota State University
Joseph V. Stalin --from Ohio State University


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Citation Machine

KnightCite -- from Calvin College 

Noodle Tools Quick Cite -- from NoodleTools, Inc.

Soquel High School's Citation Guide

Using Modern Language Association (MLA) Format -- From Purdue Univ.