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California Career Zone

Make Money Choices

My Success Plan--from the Santa Cruz County College Commitment
EDD -- Employment Development Department, State of California 
JobStar -- California (and National) Job Search Guide 

Home : Occupational Outlook Handbook --from the Bureau of Labor Statistics

Young Worker Health and Safety Website!--This site is a project of the California Resource Network for Young Worker Health and Safety. Our goal is to help prevent California's young workers from being injured or killed on the job.
Who Do U Want 2 B? -- from California Community Colleges, Department of Education, State of California

Both the Strong Interest Inventory and the Myers Briggs Type Inventory can be helpful tests to take to find the job/career for you. Both have a fee for taking the test and receiving the results.
Strong Interest Inventory: Demonstrates how your interests compare to the interests of individuals who are happily employed in a variety of occupations. 
-Lists your general interests in different types of work environments, people and activities. 
-Shows ways to explore and individualize your career exploration process. 
-Requires counselor interpretation. Computer scoring requires a two week turnaround. 
Myers Briggs Type Inventory: Provides information on personality types and relationships to preferred work environments. 
-Indicates preferences for ways you like to work (work style). 
-Indicates possible ways to deal with career indecision. 
-Shows ways to explore and individualize the career exploration process. 
-Requires a counselor interpretation. One week scoring turnaround time required. Must be taken with Strong Internet Inventory unless specifically requested as an individual test by referring counselor. 

Career Guidance 
Find Job & Career Information -- From U.S. Dept. of Labor 
California Career Zone -- A new way to explore jobs and occupations that the California has to offer and to learn what career paths interest you.
College Grad Job Hunter -- Good job site with information about careers, resumes, cover letters, interviewing, salaries, and more 
Occupational Outlook Handbook -- From the U.S. Dept. of Labor, the standard source of job descriptions, working conditions, earnings, and expected job prospects for a wide variety of occupational areas
O*NET Online -- Interactive database for exploring occupations and identifying skills and knowledge required 
Who do you want to be? -- Sponsored by the State of California

Education Planner -start thinking about life after high school

Job Banks 
America's Job Bank -- Nationwide database of jobs 
CalJOBS -- Electronic job-listing and resume system 
Careerbuilder -- Offers searching of classified listings from various national newspapers 

Jobs, Local (Santa Cruz County) 
City of Capitola 
City of Santa Cruz
Santa Cruz County
City of Watsonville 

Resume Writing 
Resumes and Cover Letters -- Tips and links from The Riley Guide 
Résumés templates and Cover Letter templates from Google

Tips on Resume and Cover Letter Writing 
Résumé Readiness Quiz -- From, helps you pick the right resume style 
High school resume samples -- two sample résumés


Sources used at Soquel High School
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Local School Addresses 
California Career Zone