Soquel High School Map -- map of campus buildings

General Websites 
All the Worlds Maps -- Links to numerous maps for each country
Google Maps 


Blackline Maps
World Atlas -- Outline maps

Map Collections 
Color Landform Atlas of the U.S. -- Satellite, political, and historical maps, from Johns Hopkins University
Earth Viewer -- Maps of the earth from the sun, the moon, the night side of the planet, or above any location
Historical Topographic Maps of California -- From UC Berkeley 
Map Collection (PCL) -- The Perry-Castaneda Library Map Collection, from UT Austin. Electronic maps by region, maps of current interest (Kosovo; Indonesia), maps of U.S. national parks & historical sites
National Atlas of the U.S. -- Extremely rich collection of static and dynamic maps 
TerraFly -- Enter any U.S. address or zip code, and view a detailed aerial photo!
United Nations Cartographic Section -- Over 100 maps (countries, regions), access to peacekeeping maps, geographical names

Road Maps 
Google Maps 
Map Quest -- An interactive map site; get trip directions 
MSN Maps & Directions -- Formerly MapBlast; maps and driving directions, information about local businesses