Doing research while libraries are closed


To access all of the databases we offer, go to our library's homepage at and click on LIBRARY DATABASES at the top middle of the page.

Click on the link to watch a short and informative screencast on using databases. 

When you are on campus, many of the databases below are just a click away. When you are off campus you will need to have the login information for each database. Click here for login information.

  • To access Gale Power Search click here. Click on the box that reads Gale Power Search. Type in our login information from the above link.

  • To access Encyclopaedia Britannica click hereType in our login information from the above link. An encyclopedia is often a good place to begin your research for background information on your topic.

  • To access our eight ProQuest databases click on this link and scroll down to the bottom of the page. Notice there are short summaries of the sort of information you can find from using each database. You will need to login with the information from the above list of logins.

  • Notice that ProQuest offers a Citation Builder inside the ProQuest Research Companion. Click on ProQuest Research Companion, then click on Use Information. When the drop-down menu opens, click on Citation Builder. The citation builder defaults to MLA format. From here choose the appropriate type of citation that you would like to create such as a book, magazine, etc. Remember to always check your citation to make sure it is correct before Copy/Pasting it into your Works Cited list.

  • The Public Library also offers many databases beyond what we can afford to provide to you. You will need a Public Library card to use all of the databases from the Public Library. Watch this short video  (in Spanish) to learn how to get an online library card while the libraries are closed. Once you've gotten a Public Library card number, TAKE A PICTURE OF YOUR NUMBER OR WRITE IT DOWN. You will need the number to use the databases. Here's another short video from the Public Library on how to create on online account.mp4

  • Click here to access the Public Library's databases. The databases in this long alphabetical list are marked with a small star symbol         You may be familiar with EBSCOhost but do check the list, there may be another database suited for your topic such as  World History in Context or U.S. History in Context for an historical topic. 

  • You may want to use Google Advanced Search. Sometimes adding a domain to your search such at edu or gov can lead you to reliable information that might not be readily available when using a standard Google search. Remember the more search terms you add, the fewer your results will be and the opposite is true--the fewer search terms, the more your results.

If you have questions or are feeling stuck please send me an email. I will try to help you with your research. Ms.