The 1920s

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Women's suffrage/19th Amendment
Women's Fight for the Vote: The Nineteenth Amendment --from University of Missouri
Woman suffrage amendment ratified--from History. com


Advertising in the 1920s
Advertising in the 1920s--from Eyewitness to History
American Advertising--A brief history --from George Mason University
The Consumer Economy and Mass Entertainment --from University of Houston
Summary: Advertising the American Dream--from The City University of New York1920s 


Organized Crime and Prohibition
Organized Crime in the 1920s and Prohibition  20th Century Crime
Organized Crime - How it Was Changed by Prohibition--from University of Michigan


Cars in the 1920s
The Age of the Automobile --U.S.
The Automobile and the Environment in American History --from the University of Michigan
The Automobile Industry, 1920 - 1929 --from Bryant CollegeGolf's History--especially 1920s

Golf's History--especially 1920s

Golf in the 1920s
History of the game of golf
Women's Golf in the 1920s


Prohibition--18th Amendment
Prohibition--from University of Houston
Definitions--from Bryant University
Booze, Broads, and Blood: The Effect of Prohibition on Crime During the 1920’s 
Gangster Era--a student produced paper from Shippensburg University

Prohibition - from law blog


Flapper's Fashion
Flapper Fashion 
Jazz: Dictator of Fashion --from the University of Minnesota


Jazz in the 1920s
American Jazz Culture in the 1920s--from the University of Minnesota

1920s "Lost Generation"--artists/ex-patriots--Hemingway, Salvadore Dali, Gertrude Stein, James Joyce, Picasso...
Famous Lost Generation Writers--from How Things Work
The Lost Generation--from the University of Texas

General websites

Fashion Era--1920s
Brief Timeline of American Literature and Events 1920-1929 -- from Donna Campbell, a tenured associate professor of English at Washington State University 
Roaring Twenties
Slang of the 1920s
1920s History -- Author Of The People History: Stephen Pearson
Hairstyles of the 1920s -- some good pictures of hairstyles


Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald
Rare Footage of Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald From the 1920s 
A Brief Life of Fitzgerald--essay from the University of South Carolina
F. Scott Fitzgerald--from University of Baltimore


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