U.S. Government


General Websites 
Find Government Information by Topic and Agency -- Search site devoted to finding government resources by topic, not by agency
SearchGov.com -- Search engine devoted to facilitating searches of federal, state, and local government resources 
U.S. Blue Pages -- Links to federal agencies and individuals, providing telephone numbers, web sites, and other information 

U.S. Government Statistics 
American FactFinder -- From the Census Bureau 
Bureau of Labor Statistics -- Economic statistics from the Dept. of Labor 
Census Bureau -- Socio-economic and other data 
CensusScope -- Accessible information and graphics, derived from census data 
Statistical Abstracts of the United States -- PDF format files, 1995 to present 
Fedstats -- Statistical compilations from 70 U.S. government agencies 
Geographic Profile of Employment and Unemployment
 -- Rich collection of data, often in .pdf format, from the BLS 
INS Statistics -- Data from the Immigration & Naturalization Service 
National Center for Health Statistics 
TRAC -- Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse, providing "statistics on federal law enforcement, staffing, and spending."
U.S. Economy at a Glance -- Various current statistics in an easy-to-use format 

U.S. Congress 

Biographical Directory of the United States Congress -- 1774 to the present.  
Thomas -- Law and legislative information sources; from the Library of Congress 
U.S. House of Representatives 
U.S. Senate 

Budget of the U.S. Government -- Covering current and prior budgets
CyberCemetery -- Official site containing the "web sites and publications of defunct U.S. government agencies and commissions."
GPO Access -- Government resources, e.g., Congressional Bills; Congressional Record; Federal Register; U.S. Code, and more
Internal Revenue Service -- Tax forms and publications from the IRS 
Supreme Court -- Official site, providing docket, calendar, and current opinions
Surgeon General Reports -- Full text PDF copies, covering 1964-2001 State University 
U.S. Government Manual -- Can search the Manual by keyword
U.S. Treasury Department 
White House 

CFR: Code of Federal Regulations 
LawCrawler -- Search for text of laws--U.S.; California and other states; other countries. 
Thomas -- Law and legislative information sources; from the Library of Congress 
U.S. Code